DSA Terminology

Arınç ÜNAL arinc.unal at arinc9.com
Tue Sep 13 13:36:21 PDT 2022

On 13.09.2022 22:56, Jo-Philipp Wich wrote:
> Hi,
>> IMHO changing, in /etc/config/network:
>> "config interface" -> "config network"
>> "config device" -> "config interface"
>> would eliminate this semantic inconsistency and bring the naming
>> convention more in line with what Rich referred to in his comments
>> above.
> This cannot be done in a sane manner though as it would render future versions
> entirely backwards incompatible.
> Renaming `config interface` to `config network` makes sense and can be
> implemented easily. However we would still need to treat `config interface` as
> synonym for it in the forseeable future in order to retain compatibility,
> which means that we cannot reuse `interface` for something else.
> So changing `config interface` to `config network` would be possible assuming
> that `config device` remains `config device` (or is renamed to something other
> than `interface`).

Jo, I think you missed my response related to this:

>>>> Anyhow, so while I agree that:
>>>>> Interfaces section should be called Networks.
>>>>> Devices section should be called Interfaces.
>>>> ... it will directly contradict /etc/config/network, where networks are called
>>>> `config interface` and interfaces are called `config device` likely leading to
>>>> even more confusion.
>>> How about we change "config interface" to "config network" while also allowing interface or automatically converting to network for backwards compatibility, and keep "config device" intact as it's an acceptable term anyway?
>> Sounds good. Incidentally, the config/network « interface » is referred to as « network » in config/firewall, so we already halfway there.
>>> I think changing devices to interfaces on LuCI entries is fine.
>> If we keep « devices » (which I think is fine), I believe LuCI and uci should agree on the term. Otherwise we would still have confusion.
> Well, it would still be less confusing than the state we're currently in. Anyway, converting "config interface" to "config network" and "config device" to "config iface" is an option.
> What do you say Jo? 


> At the same time, the `wifi-iface` section type in /e/c/network should be
> changed to `wifi-network` in order to remain consistent.

Sounds good to me.


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