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Jo-Philipp Wich jo at mein.io
Tue Sep 13 12:56:19 PDT 2022


> IMHO changing, in /etc/config/network:
> "config interface" -> "config network"
> "config device" -> "config interface"
> would eliminate this semantic inconsistency and bring the naming
> convention more in line with what Rich referred to in his comments
> above.

This cannot be done in a sane manner though as it would render future versions
entirely backwards incompatible.

Renaming `config interface` to `config network` makes sense and can be
implemented easily. However we would still need to treat `config interface` as
synonym for it in the forseeable future in order to retain compatibility,
which means that we cannot reuse `interface` for something else.

So changing `config interface` to `config network` would be possible assuming
that `config device` remains `config device` (or is renamed to something other
than `interface`).

At the same time, the `wifi-iface` section type in /e/c/network should be
changed to `wifi-network` in order to remain consistent.

~ Jo

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