Seeking RPM Server package for OpenWrt

Bjørn Mork bjorn at
Wed Mar 23 05:34:28 PDT 2022

Paul Spooren <mail at> writes:

> The spec wants a 8GB file which seems a bit much for common home
> routers. We could look into reading from /dev/zero since the body
> content isn’t relevant but still the device is likely slower at
> offering the content than your laptop can chew. A dedicated device
> could be required.

There is no need to read anything from a file or device.  You can just
serve the same memory buffer in a loop.

I did a quick look at the document and it seems under-specified.  Page
after page with blah-blah, but
- not defining Content-Type for any of the URLs
- not defining ciphers or any other TLS options, despite the rather
  restrictive TLSv1.3 requirment
- no config examples for common web servers
- no actual client algorithm

The last point is obviously the biggest problem.  You can do whatever
you want when implementng this, so the results from different clients
will not be comparable at all.

IMHO it's better let this soak for a while until they've reversed the
blah-blah to content ratio.  This doesn't look like a finished protocol.


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