Switch issues and CI to GitHub

Florian Eckert fe at dev.tdt.de
Wed Jan 19 23:47:00 PST 2022

I have now been persuaded to share my thoughts on the subject as well.
Since this is a major change.
In itself, I think it is good that thought is being given to 

Github was the first web-based source code management tool.
So I think it's just that most of user are also on github.

However, since Microsoft has joined the game, I am in worry about the 
Yes, Mircosoft has improved in that aspect.
But it always depends on the company philosophy if they love or hate 
FOSS :-)

Why not gitlab?
Here we can take the services (GIT, CI/CD, ISSUE-Tracking) from them.
And if necessary, we can also host everything ourselves.

What I like is the CI handling with the gitlabrunners.
We can take the ones from Gitlab or we can configure gitlabrunners 
running on our own hardware.

Somewhere in the thread @arprcar I read that gitlab is not an option.
Unfortunately, it didn't say why.
Did you mean hosting it yourself?

Best Regards


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