Switch issues and CI to GitHub

Paul Spooren mail at aparcar.org
Thu Jan 20 02:02:35 PST 2022

Hi Florian,

> I have now been persuaded to share my thoughts on the subject as well.

Thank you.

> Why not gitlab?
> Here we can take the services (GIT, CI/CD, ISSUE-Tracking) from them.

Some people don’t like the particularly “bloated” interface of GitLab but I agree, they offer the stuff we’re looking for (and much much much more we don’t).

> And if necessary, we can also host everything ourselves.

That’s not an entirely new idea. However in the last three years nobody stepped up to host (and maintain) it. Setting up a GitLab instance is easy enough, hosting it for the next 15 years or something is a bit more of a task. None of the OpenWrt project members were particularly excited about hosting it.
> What I like is the CI handling with the gitlabrunners.
> We can take the ones from Gitlab or we can configure gitlabrunners running on our own hardware.

When you say GitLab here I’m assuming GitLab.com. During the vote multiple people were against GitLab.com due to their past in buying and shutting down another Git service. It’s surely possible to host GitLab and a bunch of workers ourselves, the question is, do we want that?

Currently we’re facing an issue[1] from our heterogeneous buildbot setup[2] that partly uses outdated runners missing packages installed host packages, causing them to upload broken SDKs at random.

> Somewhere in the thread @arprcar I read that gitlab is not an option.
> Unfortunately, it didn't say why.
> Did you mean hosting it yourself?

Neither GitLab.com nor a self hosted GitLab instance seem great at this point.

[1]: https://github.com/openwrt/packages/pull/17645#issuecomment-1016548435
[2]: https://buildbot.openwrt.org/master/images/#/workers


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