Switch issues and CI to GitHub

Adrian Schmutzler mail at adrianschmutzler.de
Sun Jan 23 04:46:04 PST 2022

> ## Conclusion
> From a FOSS perspective I’d skip GitHub entirely and move to Codeberg or
> sr.ht. Codeberg (Gitea) is a fine clone of GitHub and sr.ht comes with a great
> _no bloat_ attitude and priority on email integration for tickets and git (they
> created git-send-email.io).


just wanted to repeat what I already said in the virtual meeting so it's documented here as well:

I have been using gitea in a different project, mostly by reviewing Pull Requests there. While I started with no particular partiality, and it looked rather well in the beginning, I quickly became annoyed because there is just so much functionality lacking or worse when it is compared to GitHub.

>From my experience, gitea might be nice for a small project if you absolutely need to host it yourself. But it still does not seem adequate for a mature project, and it's rather improbable that they will be able to keep pace with GitHub and others in the future either.

I'm not aware of any particular drawbacks with respect to just hosting Issues there, but that does really not make much more sense than the current solution if it's kept isolated afterwards.

>From the aspect of pure usability, I'd favor GitHub, as so many other projects do.



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