[OpenWrt-Devel] OpenWrt developer meeting at Battlemesh and COVID-19

Lucas Ramage oxr463 at gmx.us
Thu Mar 26 07:08:52 EDT 2020


I would love an invite as an outside contributor.


On March 26, 2020 8:38:28 AM UTC, Paul Spooren <mail at aparcar.org> wrote:
>Hi team,
>I hope everyone is fine & healthy and can use the time in quarantine to
>finally review those important patches I sent!
>>> Based on recent events regarding COVID-19 the Battlemesh and the
>>> developer meeting will not take place in May this year.
>> it's really nice and necessary to meet in person, but I would like to
>(ab)use the current situation and find out, if it would be possible to
>hold remote meetings as well. That way we could meet in person every
>~12 months, possibly having remote meetings in between, thus achieving
>the 6 months cadence we've talked about on the last IRL meeting.
>> One or two weekend days would probably work for most of us (based on
>the recent votes).
>> I don't have any prior experience with such meetings, but I assume
>it's going to be quite common format in the upcoming days, so we might
>look around and steal the best parts from the other FOSS projects.
>My current classes are taught via meet.google.com and zoom.us, both 
>cases works fine with about 20 members per session. For other
>I used meet.jit.si which works fine too, however not tried at a bigger 
>Do you plan to invite non-core-developers (like me) again or only the 
>core clique? If I remember the meeting in Hamburg correct we also
>to invite package maintainers to have a bigger crowed discussing about 
>OpenWrts future.
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