[OpenWrt-Devel] dependencies on provides packages

Hauke Mehrtens hauke at hauke-m.de
Sat Mar 14 08:56:57 EDT 2020


I see this in my tmp/.config-package.in:
$ grep "<PACKAGE_" tmp -r
tmp/.config-package.in:		depends on
!(PACKAGE_iw-full<PACKAGE_kmod-zd1211rw && GCC_LIBSSP) || GCC_LIBSSP
tmp/.config-package.in:		select PACKAGE_ip-tiny if
OPENVPN_mbedtls_ENABLE_IPROUTE2 && PACKAGE_ip-full<PACKAGE_openvpn-mbedtls
tmp/.config-package.in:		select PACKAGE_ip-tiny if
OPENVPN_nossl_ENABLE_IPROUTE2 && PACKAGE_ip-full<PACKAGE_openvpn-nossl
tmp/.config-package.in:		select PACKAGE_ip-tiny if
OPENVPN_openssl_ENABLE_IPROUTE2 && PACKAGE_ip-full<PACKAGE_openvpn-openssl
tmp/.config-package.in:		select PACKAGE_ip-tiny if

When a package selects a different package and that one depends on a
package which can be provided by multiple ones I see these strange
dependencies to PACKAGE_ip-full<PACKAGE_original_name

This is not directly resulting in an error message, but I do not know if
 this dependency works correctly. When I added some extra conditional
dependencies for the sanitizers Kconfig returned a lot of error messages.

I do not understand this problem, what could be wrong here?


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