[OpenWrt-Devel] OpenWrt developer meeting at Battlemesh and COVID-19

Paul Spooren mail at aparcar.org
Thu Mar 26 04:38:28 EDT 2020

Hi team,

I hope everyone is fine & healthy and can use the time in quarantine to 
finally review those important patches I sent!

>> Based on recent events regarding COVID-19 the Battlemesh and the OpenWrt
>> developer meeting will not take place in May this year.
> it's really nice and necessary to meet in person, but I would like to (ab)use the current situation and find out, if it would be possible to hold remote meetings as well. That way we could meet in person every ~12 months, possibly having remote meetings in between, thus achieving the 6 months cadence we've talked about on the last IRL meeting.
> One or two weekend days would probably work for most of us (based on the recent votes).
> I don't have any prior experience with such meetings, but I assume it's going to be quite common format in the upcoming days, so we might look around and steal the best parts from the other FOSS projects.

My current classes are taught via meet.google.com and zoom.us, both 
cases works fine with about 20 members per session. For other "meetings" 
I used meet.jit.si which works fine too, however not tried at a bigger 

Do you plan to invite non-core-developers (like me) again or only the 
core clique? If I remember the meeting in Hamburg correct we also wanted 
to invite package maintainers to have a bigger crowed discussing about 
OpenWrts future.


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