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Thu Jun 25 05:52:11 EDT 2020

 "After installing latest microcode update: version
  3.20191021.1ubuntu0.18.04.2, the system is stuck in a reboot loop."

 model name : AMD EPYC 7542 32-Core Processor

From[3] it seems like this update is exactly for those new CPUs:

 * Update AMD cpu microcode for processor family 17h

Where 17h is Ryzen 3|5|7|9, Threadripper and EPYC.

> It is fine for master, maybe, but I would not let it into a stable OpenWRT
> release right now.

Well, master could become next release in the one of upcoming months. If AMD
don't fix the regressions until then, we might risk getting those regressions
into the next stable release. 

If 20180524 is good for Ubuntu, it probably means, that this microcode updates
probably doesn't contain any security fixes, right?  I mean, we can probably
skip this update as well.

Anyway, I've added this patch into my staging tree[4] with some warning and
will merge it unless someone NAK it in the next 14 days.


-- ynezz

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