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Thu Jun 25 05:52:11 EDT 2020

that special hack was necessary due to Lantiq's pci(e?)-host silicon doing
byteswaps just for 32-bit writes. The only other system that uses the owl-loader
is ath79/ar71xx. This is a big-endian MIPS as well that didn't need the swap.

(That said, I don't remember what was the reason for going with __raw_writel
rather than "iowrite32" though. At least ath9k is using it for the pci access
just fine everywhere.)

Anyone fancy checking out lantiq and ath79 devices with a AR92XX without the
swap above and the __raw_writel replaced by iowrite32?
> > ++
> > + 		__raw_writel(val, mem + reg);
> > + 		usleep_range(100, 120);
> > + 	} 


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