[OpenWrt-Devel] Factory startup issues since mount_root / libfstools improvements in Chaos Calmer

Smith, Pieter pieter.smith at philips.com
Wed Mar 29 10:01:55 EDT 2017

> On 03/28/2017 03:26 PM, Smith, Pieter wrote:
> > The refactoring in ba019965 eliminated an unneeded call to
> > volume_find() when
> > done() calls jffs2_switch(). Unfortunately the refactoring did not
> > take into account that volume_identify() has side-effects with the mtd
> > driver implementation and a second call to volume_identify() on the
> > same struct volume may render a different result.
> AFAIU this is about mtd driver, so volume_identify basically means
> mtd_volume_identify.
> Can you do some extra debugging for me and check which exact part of
> mtd_volume_identify has this side effect? I don't see which part of this
> function would affect volume identification in further calls.

I will see what I can do tomorrow.

> This may be a bit tricky to debug as you can't call volume_identify inside
> (at least without some recursive check). Can you handle this somehow?
> I'd like to make sure I understand this bug fully before pushing a fix.
> Also: which target uses jffs2 with ubi?!

A concession I grudgingly had to accept from Qualcomm on their IoE platform in
order to hit our market release. OpenWRT at that point in time still lacked a
lot of infrastructure, putting UBI/FS out of reach given the time constraints.

- Pieter

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