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Daniel Dickinson openwrt at daniel.thecshore.com
Tue May 24 21:19:17 EDT 2016

On Tue, 2016-05-24 at 20:57 -0400, Daniel Dickinson wrote: 
> On Wed, 2016-05-25 at 08:45 +0800, Yousong Zhou wrote: 
> > >
> > > To a certain extent you yourself acknowledge individual opinion (with
> > > you over a beer comment), but you seem to think that such a view of
> > > individual opinions are not as valid in the public domain, whereas our
> > > expectation is that it is just as valid in the public domain as in the
> > > private.
> > Let's just save such non-sense sense of culture and expectation
> > discussion in another place.

Perhaps the issue is the notion of a monolithic culture - that is *not*
what meant.  There are variations and subgroups, and individual
differences, no doubt about that.  The point is that there are different
demographics who grew up with different rules than others, and perhaps
culture was too broad a term, but understanding that other people come
to the table with different interpretations, and pointing out why we do
and say what we do important to rational dialogue, because if I say red
and you are thinking of what call blue, it's not going to be very


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