[OpenWrt-Devel] Why STA wifi interface shutsdown AP interface?

Bruno Randolf br1 at einfach.org
Wed Jul 15 07:31:27 EDT 2015

On 07/15/2015 12:08 PM, valent.turkovic at gmail.com wrote:
> On 15 July 2015 at 12:37, Yaroslav Syrytsia <me at ys.lc> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> It is a known issue, some descriptions you can find there - http://vonger.cn/?p=1778
>> I guess it is not depend on a driver or hw.
> Yaroslav thanks man you saved me lots of headache! :)
>>From reading blog post you linked this seams to be more a feature than
> bug. Other vendors like Mikrotik for example made their wifi stack so
> that virtual wifi interfaces act more like "real" interfaces and
> aren't linked.
> I actually consider this behaviour as a bug. Why not have 6 different
> virtual wifi interfaces each separate from others? 

Because there is only one pysical hardware and the hardware can only be
tuned to one channel. The STA interface needs to look for the channel
the AP is on and as long as the channel is not determined we can not
start an AP.

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