[OpenWrt-Devel] Status of DFS in OpenWrt -> ath9k

Jacek Kikiewicz jaceq at aol.pl
Tue Jul 1 04:04:26 EDT 2014


I have few APs that are using ath9k driver, I've read that now DFS is supported on that driver,
so I compiled latest revision (yesterday: 41415), and started playing, basically when as per
manual / howto I run 'iw phy phy1 info' I can see DFS channels, exactly like in howto on a wiki, problem is however
that I cannot make it work on those channels (I've tried 52,56,100, 104), after changing config and restarting wifi
I saw in dmesg 'interface wlan1 entered disabled mode) - I tried with HT20 for the beginning.
So, question here is, should this work in current state or is there still some support missing?
I can pull any logs  / settings that are of interest.

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