[OpenWrt-Devel] Regarding USB and the Dlink DIR-600 Bx

Luis E. Garcia luis at bitamins.net
Tue Aug 5 01:06:39 EDT 2014

Good evening,
I just tried the BB RC2 build for this router and it seems the image is
much larger than the one for AA. Checking the installed kernel modules I
found the kmod-usb-core and an other related module. Is it possible to
eliminate these modules for this router ( and probably for the DIR-300 Bx )
since enabling the USB support on them is near to imposible ( unless you
can hack ball grid joints from the logic board).

Since they're build using the ralink generic target - would I need to
create a separate router file for these devices in order to avoid ruining
other working devices that do nees USB support? The resulting image without
USB support is 0.7 MB smaller and allow other ( more useful or better
suited) packages to be installed.

Luis Garcia
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