[OpenWrt-Hackers] Remerge coordinator required

Jo-Philipp Wich jo at mein.io
Mon Oct 2 16:33:49 EDT 2017


> First of all, thanks for adding openwrt-hackers to the thread, so we could also be aware what's going on. ;)

I would assume that you monitor both lists if you're genuinely interested in a merge.

>   It was actually You guys who wrote last week that You had some internal conversations about how the merge tasks would be handled (after a month of all being quiet),

I am not aware of any internal discussions, can you please elaborate on what you refer to exactly?

> and said that You're trying to find the time to think it through. I think the merge discussions did include the admin stuff not being invisible.

John posted a rough guideline on what steps could and should take place, apart from that I am not aware of any invisible admin stuff.

It appears to me as if people are waiting for something or someone to do something which simply did not happen so far, hence this thread calling for someone to take the lead - maybe this is what you refer to as invisible think through kind of thing.

> We (Imre and me) will try to hunt down someone who can do some clever CSS and stuff.

That sounds great.


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