Remerge coordinator required

Stijn Tintel stijn at
Tue Oct 3 11:31:00 EDT 2017

On 02-10-17 16:26, Jo-Philipp Wich wrote:
> Hello fellow devs,
> now that the domains are transferred and SPI liaison situation is
> cleared up, we urgently need someone actively driving the project merger.
> From what I can see, nobody among those voting for a remerge on the LEDE
> side is currently actively pursuing that goal.
> I know that this is a spare time project and that people involved rather
> invest their time in development and not management issues, but the way
> I see it is that there simply will be no merge at all unless people
> actually start working on it.
> Personally I lack the time and commitment to hold the strings but will
> gladly help with implementing required changes.
> So please, someone step up and volunteer for the task coordination if
> you wish the merger to succeed.
I'd like to propose we start with merging both projects' IRC channels,
and for the time being change the topics with a message to urge anyone
to install the latest stable LEDE release. Anyone who is currently
running OpenWrt is running an old version, and is vulnerable to a
truckload of vulnerabilities, both in the Linux kernel and in various
packages included in our standard images. I think it is our duty to
inform both projects' users. If we don't do this, people might as well
stick to running stock firmware.

Since both projects have different IRC channels, we need to decide on a
mapping. Here's my suggestion:

#lede-dev -> #openwrt-devel
#lede-adm -> #openwrt-adm (new)

As we aim to be as open as possible, I suggest we drop the
#openwrt-hackers channel, and redirect that to #openwrt-adm as well.
Finally, with the objective of joining, I suggest
to have #openwrt-security, limited to people with commit access.

I would like to move forward with this ASAP, ideally close to the time
the 17.01.3 binaries have finished building.

Best regards,

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