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Daniel Dickinson lede-dev at
Thu Mar 2 19:37:39 EST 2017

On Mon, 20 Feb 2017 17:33:56 +0100
Imre Kaloz <kaloz at> wrote:

> Dear developers and the broader community,
> All in all, I hereby would like to ask for another (hopefully final) 
> meeting between the sides. I strongly believe it's time to really
> bury the hatchet and continue working for the greater good - together.

I applaud your ability to work through this, especially given that my
personal/medical issues made the situation worse.  I am moving in a new
direction, since I don't I am the most welcome community member because
of my issues, and I also have concerns in my jurisdiction with using
testing wireless code routers in an uncontrolled environment (i.e. not
a lab with appropriate baffling).

I also hope that my efforts will lead to more exposure for libubox,
ubus, netfid, etc outside the OpenWrt/LEDE integrated stack and lead
to more rebustness and security within those projects (the recent work
by chromium on the OpenWrt/LEDE-specific swconfig stuff I believe is an
example of why this would be a good thing).

I also would like those tools to be available as relevant choices
outside the niche of OpenWrt/LEDE as I personally am not believer in
the argument that not having everybody do things exactly the same way
(i.e. all distros using systemd) leads to silos and isolation.  I'm a
fan of modularization and choice.

Anyway, thank you again, all, for overcoming obstacles I made worse,
and I hope that I can manage to do good for the community, even if a
more oblique way.



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