[OpenWrt-Hackers] State of the Union

Imre Kaloz kaloz at openwrt.org
Wed Mar 1 08:50:11 EST 2017

On 2017-02-28 17:04, Daniel Golle wrote:


> well, imagine all countries except for luxembourg and belgium would
> leave the EU simultanously and it'd hit them by surprise....
> the run-aways would then form a new experimental but more transparent
> and more democratic union and offer luxembourg and belgium to join as
> well -- under the exact same terms as everybody else.
> right now they are stuck in an argument which seems to circle around
> the colour and the shape of the stars on the flag, but most likely the
> european commission in belgium and central bank in luxembourg got some
> contracts in which they were representing the EU as a whole and which
> might not be enforcable under the new terms of the follow-up union...
> hence they are hestitating to just join and keep discussing the
> flag-issue. and as usually the case for such treaties they might not
> exactly have the freedom to even talk about it...

This is one way to tell the story. The adult version is a bit more 
complicated, but for entertainment purposes we can include it here, too.

In the Euro-zone multiple countries can print Euro bills based on a 
common agreement. While Germany and Denmark contribute a lot to the EU 
economy, they decide to switch to "the new Deutsche Mark" to have even 
more control over the other members. After having some private talks, 
Austria and Poland joins them.

Without any intra-EU discussions, they do a press release about the 
decision saying the EU doesn't work and "Neue Europa" is the solution. 
Reasons include valid points as well as policies they've forced on the 
EU, too.

To spice it up a bit, while Germany is doing business with Taiwan in the 
name of the EU, they claim Croatia did this with the USA. Later they 
realize this isn't vague enough, so they replace both Croatia and the 
USA with the better sounding "others".

As for mankind a united Europe (pun intended) is better and safer, 
discussions start about joining forces again. At first everyone is happy 
and polite and even members of NE are fine with switching back to the EU 
name ("it's just a name"). Later some NE members try to change the 
dialog and say the NE name is a better one, and anyways, "Neue Europa" 
is open and *super* democratic.

Belgium and the other EU members are yellow on the topic and want to 
keep the EU name as changing it would force companies to reprint all 
boxes/stickers and redo every business plan and re-certify everything 
for "NE" now.

Germany made sure it's contract with Taiwan now says "NE" so they don't 
want to the old name anymore and they ignore companies they aren't 
financially involved with.

The whole process is likely influenced by Russian interest but Germany 
tries to color this as an intra-EU issue.

Oh, and Austria isn't aware of any of the above..

> all characters in the above are purely fictional and any similarities
> are unintended.



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