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On Wed, 1 Mar 2017 00:21:19 +0100
Hauke Mehrtens <hauke at> wrote:

> > 1) Website
> >   a) Keep > takes care. I would prefer to take the LEDE website and
> > show it underseparate pages or merge them? b) Who is taking care of
> > hosting? s taking care of the domain?
> >   d) ...  
> I like that the Website is integrated with the Wiki and someone else
> takes care. I would prefer to take the LEDE website and show it under
> both domain names.

I'm ok with this, but doesn't have a strong opinion.

> > 2) Forum
> >   a) Discourse or punBB?
> >   b) What is speaking about having both?
> >   c) ...  
> I would suggest to make a poll in both forums for which forum software
> to continue to use. I am not a big forum user and the users should
> device.

Sound good, but haven't used the forum for real. So no idea, what the
users want.

> > 3) Wiki
> >   a) Complete LEDE wiki with OpenWrt information?
> >   b) Complete OpenWrt wiki with LEDE information?
> >   c) Redirect one to the other or keep both? (Mind that LEDE uses
> > its wiki as main web presence)  
> I would like to have one wiki with the content of both merged
> together. I do not care which to take as a base, let the people how
> take care of the wiki device what is easier to do.

> > 4) Who is doing the legal paperwork, SPI etc.
> >   a) Who is volunteering?
> >   b) What are the requirements?
> >   c) ...  
> I would like to be represented by the SPI. I no one else wants to do
> this I would step up. I think we should have at least 3 people
> representing us at the SPI. I would use the SPI only to collect
> donations and to give legal advice if needed. If we merge we can take
> over the OpenWrt account. ;-)

Sound good. Can you create a seperate thread for this?


> 6) build bot infrastructure
>  a) run the LEDE build bots on the OpenWrt servers in addition.
>  b) have both build instances
>  c) ....
> I would prefer to put the OpenWrt computing resources under the
> control of the LEDE build master.


>  [...]  
> I agree with that.
> I would suggest to rebase the CC from OpenWrt on top of the CC form
> I think it was agreed on that we would take the LEDE codebase and the
> patches which are not in LEDE but in OpenWrt should be added manually.
> >  - I am still unclear about what project I would be actually merging
> >    with. By now all former and active OpenWrt developers should have
> >    (or easily can get) push access to source.git but there has been
> >    very little contributions from the "OpenWrt side" in both the
> >    OpenWrt or LEDE repositories. Can we expect some actual effort
> > from the "OpenWrt side" in the future or will things quickly fall
> > back into a pattern where a few people having * mail
> >    addresses are claiming to represent the project while the actual
> >    development work and (non-industrial) community interaction is
> > done by others?  
> What about having a chart with the people ordered by number of commits
> in the last year, so that outsiders have an easy way to tell who
> contributes and who not?
> Number of commits is not a good way, but I can not some up with a
> better metric.

like many others projects, both projects lacks documentation a lot
apart from "the code is the documentation.". I really like to give docs
writers a voice. No idea how to do so. So this is a different topic,
just want to argue here that this is not a good metric. But if you want
to do so, do it.

> The OpenWrt name is interesting for me. When you talk to normal users
> many do not know LEDE, but they know what OpenWrt is, same is true for
> industry. The developers that really contribute mostly moved to LEDE
> already. I think it is similar to OpenOffice and LibreOffice.

I must admit, this is still true, but I'm here to change that.

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