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Roman Yeryomin leroi.lists at
Fri Mar 17 10:21:03 EDT 2017

On 1 March 2017 at 14:02, John Crispin <john at> wrote:
> 1) do we want to remerge

Yes... but see below

> 2) do we want to rebrand

I think it's better to leave OpenWRT as distribution name.

However, if we talk about naming, I would propose a little bit different option.
LEDE name fits a name for build system. OpenWRT is a distribution. So
split them.
I believe there is a big potential for the modified buildroot used by
LEDE/OpenWRT. LEDE/OpenWRT build system has room for improvement and
could be made distribution agnostic. It could build micro-controller
based projects also. IMO there are a lot of interesting possibilities.
OpenWRT could then use LEDE build system to compile distribution
packages and firmwares.
I believe this way projects can be more focused and efficient in development.
Several years ago I proposed such move but there was little to no
interest so it was left as it is.
The only disadvantage I see in such split is that e.g. OpenWRT, as
distribution, has to dynamically get the build system somehow. But I
believe it can be solved nicely enough.

Possibly it's more complicated than "simply" merge but it could be the
right moment to do it if majority thinks this is a good idea.


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