Plans for a LEDE Wiki Setup

Ted Hess thess at
Wed Sep 21 10:39:11 EDT 2016

Hi Martin -

The forum system config of nginx currently handles the reverse proxy and SSL termination for the forum in a docker container without 
double encryption. It is setup with the intent to handle multiple sites/apps so that is not a problem. The Let's Encrypt ACME client 
is also setup to handle automatic renewal of multiple sites so that too is not an issue. And, the system is setup to support email 
forwarding through the mailer if so desired.

That all said, installing and configuring dokuwiki on this system should be fairly straight forward.  A docker container is not 
necessary and additional system packages (SQL, PHP7, etc) installation are no problem. There should be some form of backup (plus 
pushing them to a mirror) or master to facilitate recovery. If you and Jo feel that a separate system is warranted here, I'll get it 
going for you in a day or 2. Otherwise I'll setup an priv account on the existing machine and send you some config info. I'll go 
either way.


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sorry for the CC spam, I already wrote a mail a few days ago, please
add your comments/criticism/hints :)

Some additions:

Maybe it would be good idea to have the wiki separate from the forum
on a different instance if that's possible. If not we have to figure
out some reverse proxy setup, not a huge problem but I'm not sure how
to do it with docker in straight way.

Besides that:

The Table of Hardware screams for some semantic wiki setup - for
dokuwiki there is a plugin:

the plugin seems to depend on sqlite but I guess the wiki is 99%
readonly and we can cache almost everything so this shouldn't be a

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so I've jumped the shark and said I can help with setting up the wiki,
I'm not on IRC at the moment (i'll fix this in the next days) and I'm
not sure what's the current state of affairs so here is my plan:

I'm a student from Weimar and do some stuff for Weimarnetz / Freifunk
Weimar, I'm doing part-time Linux sysadmin for 10+ years, I'm not a
professional but not a total newbie.

Jo said there are spare DO instances, I would just setup Ubuntu LTS
(16.04 I guess) with nginx + php-fpm 7 + let's encrypt and put
dokuwiki there + some tailoring and hardening, depending what you
think is necessary.
Additionally some monitoring that me + x getting a mail when things break.

I thought about keeping it accessible and documented, maybe it's a
good idea to use configuration management (I'm a saltstack guy, but
ansible is probably also fine) and manage the machines from a git
repository - an alternative would be something like etckeeper[1] that
sync with a non-public repository so everyone can at least track

I've played a little with docker but I'm not sure if it's worth the
effort, if working this could provide an easy local staging/dev
environment but I guess let's keep things simple.

I'm not sure if there are any already established conventions for
system setup / infrastructure that should be followed, if so please
tell me.

Does that sound reasonable?



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