Flyspray LuCI category

Mathias Kresin dev at
Tue Sep 27 04:36:21 EDT 2016

Hey Ted,

would it be possible the remove LuCI from the category selection? It
is kinda odd to redirect people to the LuCI github bugtracker despite
they can create LuCI related tickets in Flyspray.

I have to admit, I haven't checked the Flyspray documentation yet, but
would it be possible to add a something like an issue template to make
reporters aware to the (feed) packages and LuCI bugtracker?

While creating such an issue template, it might be a good idea to
provide a small guide on how to write a good bugreport. Something
like the following:

- tested device
- used revision/used release (output of cat /etc/*_release on the router)
- self compiled or snapshot/release?
  - in case of a self compiled image: the output of

- Steps to reproduce
- Expected behaviour
- Actual behaviour


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