LEDE bug tracking system

Ted Hess lede at kitschensync.net
Thu Jul 21 13:30:59 EDT 2016

I think that I would like give it go doing some management of our bug system
focused on triage, validation, assignment and closing of submitted tasks. To
that end, I'd like to assemble some information about our collective interests
and expertise with respect to LEDE development and individual technical
expertise. That is, I'd like each of our developers in the Flyspray system with
commit access to respond with a short list of topics covering your expertise and
desire to handle task assignments.

The kind of topics you should consider are:
- Target platforms and architectures
- Subsystems (wifi, networking, system, Luci)
- Utilities (procd, ubus, etc.)
- Toolchain
- Infrastructure & Builds
- Systems operation & configuration

Question -- Should we consider pushing folks wanting to report issues with the
user contributed packages on Github to post the problem to the repository issues
instead of using FS? It does make sense to keep those items close to where they
can be resolved.

The following folks are currently registered in FS as developers/admins:
- Daniel Golle (dangowrt)
- Hauke Mehrtens (Hauke)
- Jonas Gorski (jogo)
- Alexander Couzens (lynxis)
- Felix Fietkau (nbd)
- Matthias Schiffer (NeoRaider)
- Álvaro Fernández Rojas (Noltari)
- Stijn Tintel (stintel)
- Ted Hess (thess)
- Jo-Philipp Wich (jow-)
- John Crispin (john)

After I hear back from you, I will try to assemble some doc on the bug system
and add it to our Web site.


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