LEDE bug tracking system

Jo-Philipp Wich jo at mein.io
Wed Jul 27 06:00:32 EDT 2016

Hi Ted,

> I think that I would like give it go doing some management of our bug system
> focused on triage, validation, assignment and closing of submitted tasks. To
> that end, I'd like to assemble some information about our collective interests
> and expertise with respect to LEDE development and individual technical
> expertise. That is, I'd like each of our developers in the Flyspray system with
> commit access to respond with a short list of topics covering your expertise and
> desire to handle task assignments.

I'll bite :)

> The kind of topics you should consider are:
> - Target platforms and architectures

None specifically.

> - Subsystems (wifi, networking, system, Luci)

System, LuCI

> - Utilities (procd, ubus, etc.)

uhttpd, uci, ubus, ubox, rpcd, procd, libubox, jsonpath, iwinfo,
fstools, firewall3

> - Toolchain

No special expertise, can do random little things here and there.

> - Infrastructure & Builds

Yes, especially topics covering buildbots, snapshots, hosting

> - Systems operation & configuration

Can answer most questions regarding configuration.

> Question -- Should we consider pushing folks wanting to report issues with the
> user contributed packages on Github to post the problem to the repository issues
> instead of using FS? It does make sense to keep those items close to where they
> can be resolved.

Yes. Maybe we can open report on github then and simply link to Flyspray?

~ Jo

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