22.03.4 and 21.02.6 were officially announced 3 days ago, but only partially.

Paul Spooren mail at aparcar.org
Mon Apr 17 14:43:05 PDT 2023


> On one hand:
>    * two threads were posted in the "Release and security announcements” section of the OpenWrt forum
>    * the OpenWrt.org front page has been updated with links to the new versions
>    * the release notes are no longer WIP
>    * the firmware selector has the new versions
>    * the #openwrt IRC channel topic has been updated with the new versions
> But on the other hand:
>    * the openwrt-announce and openwrt-devel mailing lists haven’t been notified

I just sent the email on openwrt-devel and don’t have access to the announce list, it will be taken care of shortly.

>    * the links on https://downloads.openwrt.org haven’t been updated (still show 22.03.3 and 21.02.5 as the latest)

I just updated the servers, please enjoy.

> I’m also seeing comments on the forum about these builds not booting on at least some ipq40xx devices, due to a UBI issue. They say it’s been patched in master snapshots, 22.03 snapshots, and 21.02 snapshots

Yes it’s broken in the release and was fixed. The next point release will take care of that, sorry for the inconvenience.

> but the 21.02.6 release notes say that 21.02 has reached end of life and will not receive any more updates. It seems odd to leave a branch in a state where the last official stable release will not boot on all targets. Thoughts?

Where do you read that? Are you referring to the note that a newer version is out and fresh installs should use 22.03.x if possible?

> On my devices (Rpi 4B, R7800, and Archer C7 v2), 22.03.4 is working as expected.

Glad to hear that.

> I really appreciate all the work you guys do making this great firmware.



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