LUCI behaviour

Paul D newtwen at
Thu Oct 21 11:02:09 PDT 2021

If I use js e.g. :

o = ss.option(form.TextValue, 'blah', _('blah'), _('blah.'));
o.optional = true;
o.monospace = true;

And add either:

o.width = "500px";


o.width = "60ch";

I do not get the desired effect. Is this normal?

Here ( ) 
it says about width:

When the property is set to a string value, it is applied as-is to the 
CSS width property.

This property has no effect on options that are not children of grid or 
table section elements.

How does one know that it's a child of said element? ( Is it talking 
about HTML elements? Or LUCI? Also, which 'options'? )

If it is, is this a bug? The width always seems to be "100%".

HTML produced never has px or ch width. As soon as I set 'o.cols' then 
the element aligns with other form elements. e.g. ~210px width.

So damned if I do, damned if I don't. How can one constrain width?

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