Release goals for 22.XX

Paul D newtwen at
Wed Oct 6 15:15:15 PDT 2021

The below is a fairly prescient analysis of the situation, and a good 
approach, Rui. I think openwrt will be fine staying put on iptables, 
until bpfilter matures. I think I have about 20 individual rules on my 
FW. Having the capability is nice, but most home users probably don't 
have or need 10000 rules on their potatoes.

Why not just have one 'big' change for the next major version? Like 
"we're aiming for all platforms on 5.10". Then if that's done, the focus 
is on quality. (We're still waiting on ar79 to get DSA patches in during 

Many forum users have shown themselves to be fairly decent testers and 
guinea-pigs for rc testing.

On 2021-10-06 19:42, Rui Salvaterra wrote:
> Hi, Rich,
> On Wed, 6 Oct 2021 at 17:54, Rich Brown <richb.hanover at> wrote:
>> Paul, Rafał,
>> I think our emails passed in the ether... (
>> As I said in that message, I am very aware of the time constraints of the volunteers for OpenWrt. And I don't mean to suck the conversation into "grand strategies" without any endpoint.
>> Let's focus on our next step. In my earlier note, I asked:
>> 1) What would prevent us from accomplishing the 22.XX Release Goals in March 2022? (
>> - How do we see the time between now and March playing out?
>> - Are there things we should leave out? Or should the release date be shifted?
> I think the target date is fine, as long as we don't try to bite more
> than we can chew. :)
> I'm a bit wary of the firewall4 migration, to be honest. Do we have
> performance numbers comparing nftables vs iptables, for complex rule
> sets? I'm asking because nftables can be slower than iptables [1], in
> at least in some scenarios.
> I also believe the priority should be to get all targets at 5.10 by
> default and to drop those which are stuck at 5.4 for some reason
> (small flash/RAM, unmaintained, etc.). And a dropped target doesn't
> mean it's gone forever, it can always be revived in the future, with
> enough interest, talent and Git. :) With this out of the way, bumping
> mac80211 to 5.15 is probably the hardest task at hand and, after it's
> done, I think we're release-worthy. Anything else (say, DSA for ath79
> targets with qca8k switches) would be a nice bonus, but never a
> release blocker.
> Just my 0.02 €. Thoughts?
> Thanks,
> Rui
> [1]
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