Mutt configuration options being auto-enabled by default

Stijn Segers foss at
Sat Nov 6 12:43:40 PDT 2021

Hi Matthew,

It looks like you expanded Mutt support with commit 

I just refreshed my config on master and was a bit surprised to see 
Mutt configuration options enabled by default. I haven't enabled mutt 
as a package, so I don't think these should be popping up?

I'm noticing those three options have each a 'default y', but shouldn't 
these options be exposed (and activated) only when Mutt is selected as 
a package?

@@ -4298,6 +4311,18 @@ CONFIG_PACKAGE_luci-lib-nixio_notls=y
 # CONFIG_PACKAGE_msmtp-nossl is not set
 # CONFIG_PACKAGE_msmtp-queue is not set
 # CONFIG_PACKAGE_mutt is not set
+# Select mutt build options
+# CONFIG_MUTT_SMTP is not set
+# CONFIG_MUTT_SASL is not set
+# CONFIG_MUTT_GNUTLS is not set
+# end of Select mutt build options
 # CONFIG_PACKAGE_nail is not set
 # CONFIG_PACKAGE_opendkim is not set
 # CONFIG_PACKAGE_opendkim-tools is not set



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