imx6 - gateworks target broken

Koen Vandeputte koen.vandeputte at
Fri Jun 25 02:04:56 PDT 2021

Hi Piotr,

It seems imx6 Gateworks Ventana target got broken.

I suspect it's due to following commit:;a=commit;h=8dba71dd33c8e35e7f363ffdb2ba42259ab43ce2

After this commit, the bootfile generated is this one:

- 6x_bootscript-gateworks_ventana

While the bootloader looks for this:

Loading file '/6x_bootscript-ventana' to addr 0x12000000...
** File not found /6x_bootscript-ventana **

Due to this, the fixup does not happen and wrong kernel params are 
provided causing a panic as the rootfs is not found.

Any idea how to fix this one properly?
Revert the naming to plain "ventana" again?



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