[19.07.7] failed to sysupgrade the newifi router

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Thu Jun 24 09:04:44 PDT 2021

zhengfish <zhengfish at gmail.com> wrote:
    > Hello, Guys Today I build one image for newifi router using 19.07.7
    > release.  However while I try to reflash the router, it fails.

    >    Seems it cannot read one key, I don't know what's this key?  And how
    > to correct it?

It means that the image is signed by a key that your device does not recognize.
The possibilities are:

  1) your current image was self-built, and did not include the release keys
  2) your new image was self-built, and did not include the release keys.
  3) some other failure.

If you are self-building, then you should ahve the public key you can copy
over.  I think that sysupgrade also an option to skip the check, but I can't
double check that from my laptop at the moment.

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