download: regression with USE_SOURCE_DIR and non-tarball packages?

Petr Štetiar ynezz at
Tue Jun 15 01:05:14 PDT 2021

Lukas Zeller <luz at> [2021-06-14 14:11:27]:


> For packages with PKG_SOURCE_PROTO=git the new line in
> `$(DL_DIR)/$(FILE): FORCE` forces re-cloning the upstream repo and thus
> rebuilding the entire package every time. 

yes, it would do that in case PKG_MIRROR_HASH is invalid and this is wanted
behavior. That issue should be visible when building in verbose mode with V=s.

> Also, the USE_SOURCE_DIR mechanism does not work any more.

And what doesn't work exactly? I've just checked it and it works just fine for me:

 $ git clone git:// /tmp/libubox
 $ make package/libubox/clean
 $ make package/libubox/prepare USE_SOURCE_DIR=/tmp/libubox

 $ time make package/libubox/compile V=s &> /dev/null

 real	0m8.241s
 user	0m7.179s
 sys	0m1.643s

 $ time make package/libubox/compile V=s &> /dev/null

 real	0m4.608s
 user	0m3.692s
 sys	0m1.251s

 $ time make package/libubox/compile V=s &> /dev/null

 real	0m4.625s
 user	0m3.740s
 sys	0m1.239s

-- ynezz

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