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Tue Jun 1 23:57:14 PDT 2021

On Jun 1, 2021, at 5:27 PM, Embedded Devel <owrt at> wrote:

> keep waiting, you accomplished nothing really, and billed $8,000.00
> USD over 2 months and we are no further now then we were when you
> started. If youd like I can do a line count of changes from start to
> finish, the previous developer accomplished more in 10 hours, and hes
> been paid. And we already hired a new one prior to these emails. It
> seems like you dont know OpenWRT as well as you claim. This is all Im
> going to say publicly about it. This was a business to business deal
> and has no recourse being on a public mailing list, trying to
> accomplish what? embarrass us? Wount work, If it embarrasses anyone,
> it will be you. Also remember, There is an NDA in place you signed, be
> very careful.

So the real terms was not paid work.  It was

- payment by line count,
- but only if the employer think you're expert enough,
- and only if the total is (way?) less than USD 8000

I can understand why they put the employment terms under NDA, although I
don't think that's legal in civilized countries.

Sooooo strange the programmer who got paid for 10 hours didn't come back
for more.  I wonder how many hours (s)he worked for free?

In any case, this is a great learning experience wrt the sort of hiring
we can expect here.  I believe OpenWrt should either create some
standard terms which must be accepted by anyone advertising paid work in
an OpenWrt forum, or just disallow that sort of spam.

There is a reason these folks can't hire anyone using traditional
employment channels. Most of us have much better offers in our spam

Bjørn (not for hire, and certainly not anywhere near as much OpenWrt
export as Philip Prindeville)

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