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Tue Jun 1 21:13:32 PDT 2021

On 6/2/21 5:41 AM, Philip Prindeville wrote:
>> On Jun 1, 2021, at 5:27 PM, Embedded Devel <owrt at> wrote:
>> On 6/2/21 3:45 AM, Philip Prindeville wrote:
>>> This was advertised as "paid work".  I'm still waiting to be paid.
>> keep waiting, you accomplished nothing really, and billed $8,000.00 USD over 2 months and we are no further now then we were when you started. If youd like I can do a line count of changes from start to finish, the previous developer accomplished more in 10 hours, and hes been paid. And we already hired a new one prior to these emails. It seems like you dont know OpenWRT as well as you claim. This is all Im going to say publicly about it. This was a business to business deal and has no recourse being on a public mailing list, trying to accomplish what? embarrass us? Wount work, If it embarrasses anyone, it will be you. Also remember, There is an NDA in place you signed, be very careful.

8k is not much for a freelancing expert. That's 40 hours...

One must consider the big amount of time one has to put into
staying in tune with the developments which is in my case 90%
of my work and the more specialized one is the more an hour must
cost to cover the time without proper jobs.

Furthermore software development is psychically draining which needs
compensation. So if you think that's too much, you may think about
either learning it yourself or whether your revenue is too low.

You could also think about outsourcing your work to third-world-
countries, but they will possibly fool you.

There's an anecdote about that in Germany:
A machine in a factory crashed and the engineer who designed it
was in retirement. They needed to bring him back from retirement.
When he came to the factory, he took a piece of chalk, made a mark
and left after 5 minutes.
He sent an invoice with a very high price. So the company asked for
a listing of costs. He replied:
Piece of chalk - 1 Mark
Knowing where to do the mark - 50000 Mark

That's reality... You can't expect experts to do your slave labor.
By the way... If you build up on open source software, what are you
expecting? Imagine you'd have to build the software from ground up.
Hiring open source developers is the cheapest thing you can get
products to the market with...
There are just so many wannabe start-up sucker companies with bad
attitudes towards the engineers. They all go bankrupt.

> Line counts don’t take into consideration the amount of time to bring up software on a new platform that’s supposed to be portable but in fact isn’t.
> If you’re going to solicit in a public forum, then it should be known that the terms advertised were not in fact accurate.
> Yes, there’s an NDA.  Nothing strategic or proprietary has been disclosed.
> And any civil legal proceedings would enter into the public record.  And pursing legal action internationally would cost you more than I’ve billed.
> I think you need to be even more careful.
> -Philip

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