[PATCH 6/6] qoriq: add support for WatchGuard Firebox M300

Adrian Schmutzler mail at adrianschmutzler.de
Tue Aug 24 05:41:17 PDT 2021


> >
> >> +			reg = <0x00 0x10000>;
> >> +			label = "NOR (RW) LANNER RCW Code";
> > Labels here might need some refactoring, too.
> Since we're not really touching anything on the NOR (yet), I prefer to 
> keep the OEM names for now. What else would you suggest?

I would at least remove the "NOR (RW)" prefix, but I won't cry if you don't

Two other comments from your staging tree:

> compatible = "watchguard,firebox-m300", "fsl,T2081QDS";

Is the latter still "correct" for this device?

> +	  kmod-hwmon-w83793 kmod-ptp-qoriq kmod-rtc-rs5c372a 
> +kmod-tpm-i2c-atmel

We typically use (just) one tab for hanging indent in image/*.mk files.
(I.e. remove the additional spaces before kmod-hwmon...


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