[Discussion] Explicitly switch to simple majority for new members

Adrian Schmutzler mail at adrianschmutzler.de
Mon Oct 25 13:38:52 PDT 2021


in addition to the question of inactive membership as presented by Daniel,
we also discussed about the mode of voting for new OpenWrt members during
our last virtual meeting.
Note that the following discussion is solely limited at voting on new
members; it's not concerned with any other votes.

As many have noticed already, it's become quite hard to do votes when an
absolute majority is needed; it mostly works eventually, but requires time
and getting on people's nerves to have them vote.
In this context, I've always favored the approach of a simple majority where
we use the majority of votes instead of requiring the majority of all with
voting rights.

Technically, rule no. 6 states explicitly the a "simple majority" is needed
for adding new members. Note that this by definition means that we already
have the majority of votes in our rules.
Nevertheless, from my experience - and in contrast to the very words written
there - this has always been treated as if an absolute majority was

I'd thus like to change/clarify rule no. 6 in order to actually have new
members qualified by a majority of votes given, a "simple majority" and not
by an absolute majority as it was practiced so far.
While I plan to propose a specific change later, this is only meant to
trigger a discussion and share your view on it - it's _not_ a vote yet.
Note that this should be seen as orthogonal to the discussion raised by
Daniel, and will lead to separate votes eventually.

A relative majority vote needs a fixed timeframe to be fair. I aim at
proposing three weeks for that; this should be doable also during vacation,
holidays on so on and is still short enough to keep track.
Since we already have the "simple majority" in the rules, I'd personally
simply add a sentence stating the required interval. I would not change the
first sentence at all but simply use the vote to agree that "simple
majority" really means what it says.

Finally, I wonder whether we should consider introducing a quorum for these
votes; I could imagine that a new member would only be accepted if we e.g.
received votes from at least 25 % of the members (and the majority votes
yes, of course). I don't have a definite opinion there, so please share your

I'm planning to keep this discussion open for 1-2 weeks.



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