OpenWrt and GitHub

Paul Spooren mail at
Tue Jun 15 15:14:14 PDT 2021

> ... or just have someone else run a gitlab instance for us?
> And what about sourcehut? Wouldn't that be a good option as well?
I've talked to the (hosted instance) developer and 
maintainer Drew and he mentioned the Alpha status of sourcehut[1] is 
what others might consider production ready. Not all features are 
implemented but the existing services are stable and reliable.

 From all Git web instances sourcehut is the only one in line with 
OpenWrts philosophy: keeping things simple, small and modular. The web 
interface is much more focused on email usage and no JavaScript is 
required, just for optional eye candy and convenience.

It'll be eventually a paid service to have an sustainable business 
model. Developers and maintainers may apply for free accounts[2]. So 
this way the OpenWrt team would shift away maintaining multiple services 
(flysprai, email, git) to another entity, allowing us to focus on our 
core interest.

I guess this should be discussed in an upcoming developer meeting.



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