OpenWrt and GitHub vs. Gitlab

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Wed Jun 9 13:39:46 PDT 2021


On 05-06-21, Paul Spooren wrote:
> tl;dr: Use GitHub issues instead Flyspray? Use with some CI? Do
> nothing?

I'm against moving bugs to github, that would effectively lock us there.

I think we should definitely move to a gitlab instance that we can trust,
i.e. that is durable and well-managed, even if we have to pay for that.
In fact, for such a critical piece of infrastructure, I would argue we
*have* to pay for that service to make sure it's durable.  It means
finding "somebody" that would:

- perform regular upgrades (for security and to keep things up-to-date)

- setup working backups

- setup appropriate monitoring to detect issues (disk space exhaustion,
  email delivery issues, outages...)

- react quickly in case of outage or when we encounter issues

In other words: a professional sysadmin that would make sure that things
always work, and that would leave us more time to do OpenWrt stuff.

I can ask around to friends that provide this kind of professional managed
services (not sure if they do Gitlab though).  There may be free software
organizations or individuals that specialize in providing this kind of
services for free software projects (like sourcehut or ozlab for
patchwork), but I'm not aware of any for Gitlab.

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