OpenWrt and GitHub vs. Gitlab

Sam Kuper sampablokuper at
Sat Jun 12 10:55:59 PDT 2021

On Sat, Jun 12, 2021 at 09:59:52AM +0200, Daniel Golle wrote:
> I never managed to access without enabling JavaScript as
> they are hiding behind some DDoS-protection bouncers which force me to
> identify dozends of bicycles, zebra-crossings, boats and airplanes
> before being able to access anything there (and hence also requires
> running proprietary JavaScript coming from that bouncer mafia, which
> surely also collects metadata about their users).

That's troubling news.

While some functionality has, for a while, required
JavaScript, it was at least - as far as I could tell - nothing
significantly different from the FOSS JavaScript in the gitlab software.

Still, even if it is now impossible to do very much at
without running proprietary JS, then on that front it is at least not
significantly *worse* than GitHub.

> Somehow this isn't a problem with github, I can always access it even
> in Torbrowser,

To view some resources, maybe - but a lot of functionality is surely
still only available via GitHub's proprietary JS.

(As for why GitHub doesn't need *3rd-party* DDoS protection, it probably
relies on MS's DDoS protection.  Which probably feeds into the NSA's
efforts to deanonymise Tor users...)

> the same is true for Sourcehut.
> That being said, I also see Sourcehut as the clear winner and I'm also
> against migrating more things to Github.

Great :)

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