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Mon Jun 7 18:47:32 PDT 2021

Hi Pono,

as a general thing to improve visibility of ways to donate I'd like to 
add a donation link on GitHub, where people see these "Sponsor" buttons.

Currently there's no shareable URL for donations, looking at the SFCs 
project page[1] I can click the yellow "Donate" button, however it 
forwards me to a cryptic token. This URL can't be shared.  Could you 
please provide a shareable URL which can be added to both GitHub and itself?

Kind regards,


On 5/30/21 3:56 AM, Rich Brown wrote:
> Hi Pono,
>> On May 29, 2021, at 11:49 AM, Daniel Pono Takamori <pono at> wrote:
>> Hey everyone, I'm Pono and I'm the new project liason and community organizer
>> at the Software Freedom Conservancy.
> ...
>> This leads me into the second point of getting together to plan a fundraiser.
>> Is this thread a good place to start the conversation or is a new thread
>> preferred?
> I'm glad to have you on-board. I am taking the liberty of starting a new thread for this conversation.
> I think the first step would be to decide on the goals of the campaign. Let's construct an annual budget:
> - Expense of infrastructure. You indicate that it's about 300€ per month, or 3 600€ per year
> - Allocation for annual conference. In 2019, we held a fabulously useful conference in Hamburg. I would hope to do it every year (now that we can actually see people in-person.) OpenWrt paid for the venue, attendees paid for their lodging and meals. I would guess that it cost 3 000 € for that conference. (Others - please correct my guesstimate)
> - SFC contribution: I imagine that SFC gets some amount/percentage for its services. I have no idea of the magnitude.
> - What else? Other services/expenses? Again, I have no idea.
> Thanks.
> Rich
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