Packages buildbot is erratic, both master and 23.05 packages fail often

Thibaut hacks at
Thu Jun 1 09:21:22 PDT 2023


> Le 1 juin 2023 à 18:11, Hannu Nyman <hannu.nyman at> a écrit :
> Looks like the new buildbot code and new instances (also for 23.05) are not yet quite stable...
> Packages of some popular architectures like aarch64_cortex-a53 for mt7622 and ipq807x have not been built for a week in master.

« packages » buildbots (aka phase2) haven’t been updated. They’re still running old buildbot code, even though the hostname says « staging ». See ‘About’ on buildbot page to confirm. Only phase1 has been updated, for master and 23.05 (22.03 pending).

> There has been many timeouts of "3600 seconds without output" in master,

These look like connectivity issues.

> and quite too many "out of space" errors in the 23.05 packages buildbot.

23.05 package builders are nearly all out of space, possibly due to accumulated cruft in dl dir.


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