Packages buildbot is erratic, both master and 23.05 packages fail often

Hannu Nyman hannu.nyman at
Thu Jun 1 09:11:13 PDT 2023

Looks like the new buildbot code and new instances (also for 23.05) are not 
yet quite stable...

Packages of some popular architectures like aarch64_cortex-a53 for mt7622 and 
ipq807x have not been built for a week in master.

There has been many timeouts of "3600 seconds without output" in master, and 
quite too many "out of space" errors in the 23.05 packages buildbot.

* zabbix x13 (and borgbackup plus other python packages before it) seem to be 
the typical last lines before he timeout failures...  Random failures or 
something due to recent changes ???

* with 23.05 the main problem seems to be "No space left on device"...

Much too many buildbot-specifc errors compared to proper build failures due 
to source code...
Something strange/unstabilized in the buildbot ?
Or just some newly updated problematic packages causing havoc?


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