BCM53xx on D-Link DIR-890L - 2MB max problem

Linus Walleij linus.walleij at linaro.org
Sat Jan 7 15:33:49 PST 2023


after some sweating and testing OpenWrt builds flashed to NAND
on the D-Link DIR-890L and failing I realized the problem is the
same as on the RAMIPS: the boot loader cannot handle an LZMA
file over 2MB.

Booting using TFTP in CFE works fine FWIW. There is no problem
with the kernel.

I understand that we need something like the lzma-loader in
RAMIPS target/linux/ramips/image/lzma-loader, though I have no
idea how that works.

The current boot will just fail like this:

seama check OK!!
insize = 2097152, out size =8388608
uncompressed size = 2772175
aNowPos64 = 2085677
CodeReal: invalid data
lzma decompress fail: -2

Which is the same as observed on RAMIPS.

Have you run into this before or is it one of those "congratulations,
you are first here, fix it!" kind of things? How come this does not
affect the DIR-885? (Or does it?)

I guess trying to figure out what lzma-loader does and implement
the same for ARM is the way to go, or at some point I felt like
implementing U-Boot for the BCM53xx and implement SEAMA
loading from NAND in U-Boot is maybe easier...

Linus Walleij

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