DSA Mini-tutorial still marked as Work In Progress

Arınç ÜNAL arinc.unal at arinc9.com
Thu Sep 8 12:05:34 PDT 2022

On 8.09.2022 02:54, Florian Fainelli wrote:
> On 9/7/2022 3:00 PM, Sebastian Moeller wrote:
>> Hi Jo,
>> I was under the impression* that bridge-vlan filtering is something 
>> that can be relegated to the switch hardware, while creating a bridge 
>> between VLAN interfaces happens in software. Is that wrong?
> It is incorrect. DSA offloads the bridge to the switch hardware whether 
> you have VLAN filtering or not.
> When the bridge is not VLAN aware (vlan_filtering=0) what it means is 
> that the Linux bridge, and the underlying switch MUST accept both VLAN 
> and non-VLAN tagged frames.
> If you do want VLAN tagged frames in that bridge, then you are supposed 
> to terminate VLAN traffic by creating upper VLAN devices such as 
> lan1.10, lan2.10 etc. but the switching between lan1.10 and lan2.10 
> still happens in hardware because those VLAN devices are offloaded into 
> the switch hardware.
> When vlan_filtering=1 is set, the hardware is configured to only accept 
> untagged PVID frames as well as whichever VLAN tagged frames you have 
> configured.
> For instance, if you configured your bridge this way with: lan1, lan2, 
> lan3 and lan4 part of br-lan with vlan_filtering=1, each switch port 
> will be programmed to be in the bridge's default_pvid (1, unless 
> changed), and if you sent a VLAN tagged frame with VLAN ID 2 towards any 
> of those ports, and assuming the switch hardware is capable of it, that 
> VLAN ID 2 frame creates an egress VID violation and is discarded. If not 
> discarded in hardware it would be discarded in software.

I've made a detailed write up of this here:



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