DSA Mini-tutorial

Jo-Philipp Wich jo at mein.io
Thu Sep 8 02:13:44 PDT 2022


> [...]
> Meanwhile I wonder if a few specific cases wouldn't need to be better
> addressed. For instance ppp or wwan create extra « Interfaces » (in current
> Luci lingo), some having the related protocol - PPPoE/NCM, some having
> protocol « Virtual Dynamic Interface » (for ipv4/ipv6) - which I personally
> find confusing, especially as the virtual ones only show up in Luci and not
> on commandline.

Logical networks do not show up on the command line either (in the sense of
netdevs you can query with ifconfig or ip). You can see them with "ifstatus"
or "ubus list network", but the same applies to "virtual dynamic interfaces".
You can see them in ubus, you can query them with "ifstatus", you should be
able to "ifdown" them - so they are not more or less visible than other
explicitly declared logical interfaces.

~ Jo

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