DSA Mini-tutorial

Arınç ÜNAL arinc.unal at arinc9.com
Wed Sep 7 23:49:45 PDT 2022

On 8.09.2022 00:12, Jo-Philipp Wich wrote:
> Hi,
>>> I wrote this mostly because the LuCI interface itself makes a distinction
>>> between the "Devices" tab and the "Interfaces" tab. But maybe this isn't the
>>> best way to describe what goes there.
>> I agree that there are inconsistencies in LuCI. The only place I see the
>> terminology correctly stated is on the wireless section:
>> Network: Lists all entries on the Interfaces section.
>>> Choose the network(s) you want to attach to this wireless interface or >
>> fill out the custom field to define a new network.
>> Which correctly states that:
>> Interfaces section should be called Networks.
>> Devices section should be called Interfaces.
> I agree that there's inconsistencies, I eventually want to clean that up.
> Part of the terminology stems from uci itself, where `config interface`
> declares logical *networks* while *interfaces* (as in Linux netdevs) are
> referred to as `config device` (and `config wifi-*iface*` for wireless, which
> probably should be named differently too).
> Personally I am fine with rebranding the logical network entities (lan, wan,
> loopback etc.) to "networks" but I am unsure about renaming what is currently
> "devices" to "interfaces" as it would then intersect with the current meaning
> of interfaces...

I believe the incorrect use of interfaces should definitely be 
addressed. However, the OpenWrt community should be made aware of the 
changes on LuCI via the mailing list and an announcement post on OpenWrt 
forum which refers to my Networks & Network Interfaces wiki page which, 
I believe, properly explains networks and interfaces.


We'll figure out the Wiki pages for networking with Rich so this page 
makes its way on the OpenWrt Wiki.

> Anyhow, so while I agree that:
>> Interfaces section should be called Networks.
>> Devices section should be called Interfaces.
> ... it will directly contradict /etc/config/network, where networks are called
> `config interface` and interfaces are called `config device` likely leading to
> even more confusion.

How about we change "config interface" to "config network" while also 
allowing interface or automatically converting to network for backwards 
compatibility, and keep "config device" intact as it's an acceptable 
term anyway?

I think changing devices to interfaces on LuCI entries is fine.


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