DSA Mini-tutorial

Rich Brown richb.hanover at gmail.com
Mon Sep 5 05:22:38 PDT 2022

Hello Arınç (and the rest of the list),

It's good to hear from you again.

> On Sep 4, 2022, at 5:32 PM, Arınç ÜNAL <arinc.unal at arinc9.com> wrote:
>  I don't see much content to document DSA. All DSA does is creating a network interface for each switch port. What I think should
> be properly documented is the Bridge VLAN filtering feature. I have made some efforts to do that on my playground here:
> https://openwrt.org/playground/arinc9/start

I had not looked at your pages recently but we should make sure all the information makes it out of the playground into the main wiki.

I see that we have slightly different definitions for "interface" and "device" in DSA. Here are the versions:

DSA Mini-Tutorial - Terminology:

Playground - Definition of a Network Interface

Because I don't really know about DSA, I don't know how important it is to call an Ethernet switch port a "device" or whether it's OK simply to call it an "Ethernet interface".

How could we start to merge all these documents? Thanks.


PS Thoughts from other readers would be welcome!

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