Question about DNS-Tap integration

Bjørn Mork bjorn at
Mon May 16 09:40:58 PDT 2022

Michal Novotny <michal.novotny at> writes:

> Hi Bjørn,
> thanks a lot for your reply. Does those resolvers have support for
> DNS-Tap compiled in already?

Probably not.  But the addtional packaging7build support should be much
easier to add than to implement dnstap support in dnsmasq.

> Also, does LuCI interface have support for configuring it already?

Not likely.  That's more work, and one might question the value. I would
not expect a lot of users.  But I'm sure it's accepted if anyone wants
to do the work.

> I was unable to find it in the OpenWRT to 
> configure and I had to compile the resolvers with dnstap support and
> use socat to be able to transfer it using TCP/IP layer. Did I miss
> something?

I guess not.

BTW, I see that OpenWrt also has pdns-recursor, so the set of resolver
software with dnstap support is even longer.  Absolutely no need to hack
on dnsmasq for this.


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