Question about DNS-Tap integration

Michal Novotny michal.novotny at
Mon May 16 09:26:40 PDT 2022

Hi Bjørn,

thanks a lot for your reply. Does those resolvers have support for 
DNS-Tap compiled in already? Also, does LuCI interface have support for 
configuring it already? I was unable to find it in the OpenWRT to 
configure and I had to compile the resolvers with dnstap support and use 
socat to be able to transfer it using TCP/IP layer. Did I miss something?


On 5/16/22 17:27, Bjørn Mork wrote:
> Michal Novotny <michal.novotny at> writes:
>> recently we've found a new project called DNS-Tap and it can be found on
>> the website [1]. There are several implementations available
>> already - for Knot DNS, Unbound, BIND, CoreDNS and others - but they are
>> not available on any stock router nor in any alternative firmware like
>> OpenWRT.
> Yes, dnstap is nice.
> BIND and Knot are available in OpenWrt.  I believe that will cover most
> users with an interest in resolvers, although it would be nice to have
> unbound too.
> Bjørn

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